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Florialis, is a pioneer producer of exotic fresh cut flower, trades worldwide. Founded in 1972 by the Blandy family, it is still Madeira's largest company in this sector.


Florialis dedicates itself mainly to the production, commerce and export of fresh cut-flowers of its own production, namely Cymbidium Orchids, Proteas & Similares, Strelitzias (Birds of Pardise).


Foliage, Liliums, Gladiolus, Iris, Tulips & Ornithogalum. We also trade Pahiopedilum Insigne, Zantedeschia (Calla), and Heliconias, amongst other varieties.


New varieties are constantly being experimented to offer a larger selection of Proteas and satisfy the demanding market requirements. Our concern for updating with new varieties and innovating our production methods, is constant, and we rely on assistance from international consultants and specialists for this. The Heads of departments participate regularly in conferences and lectures, about production & trade of Cymbidiums and Proteas.


On a research level, new varieties and species of fresh cut flower and plants, were introduced over the past few years.


Florialis also dedicates itself to the importing of a great variety of plants, in order to complement its main activity and fill the low production months.

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